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Written by Catia Cecchini

Biochemical reactions in the organism caused by a food are connected to personal temperament. The living cell is a microcosm, a functional morphological unit, and to perform its vital activity it uses energy drawn from the splitting up of the food constituents (glucides, lipids, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts). The raw materials are food, the factory is the cell and the workers are the organs constituting the active cellular centre. The science of nutrition must bear in mind the temperament, the chemical and biological constitution, and the sidereal influences of a given subject. An imbalance amongst these becomes fertile ground for an attack by pathogenic agents, causing an illness.
After years of study and research, a new method has been devised which evaluates all the characteristics of a subject (chemical, biological, electromagnetic and typological) so as to individualize a personalized nutritional typology.

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