The Caduceus of Hermes Project

After many years of research, and thanks to the invaluable collaboration of specialists in the sector, who I had the pleasure of meeting, I developed an innovative method of research and non-invasive diagnosis. 
This new method has been patented at the national level.
In October 2004 the ‘Caduceus of Hermes’ Project became a legally registered trademark.


The following work is carried out in the Caduceus of Hermes Project:

  1. Services in the fields of science and technology (research, studies and experimentation in radionic radar, electromagnetism and ionization).

  2. Research in the oncological and genetic sectors, medical services, hygiene and aesthetic cures for people and animals.

  3. Services for agriculture, horticulture and silviculture.


The studies, research and services are carried out in collaboration with qualified specialists: doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, biologists, microbiologists, physicists, chemists, botanists, herbalists, geologists, engineers and electronic technicians.

The aesthetic services for men and women are carried out in collaboration with the Centro Estetica Cinzia, via dell’Orto 2 Badia a Settimo, Scandicci, Firenze. Tel:055720289.

All of this is done following the invaluable work left by such valiant men of science as Prof. Giuseppe Calligaris, Dr. Jerome Cardon, Prof. Nicola Pende, the researcher and scholar Prof. Tommaso Palamidessi, Dr. Georges Lakhovsky, Dr. Jean Valnet, Dr. Ferdinando Cazzamalli, Dr. Albert Leprince, Dr. Pietro Zampa, Dr. George  De La Waar, Dr. Albert Abrams and Dr. Ruth Drown..

Piazzale Della Resistenza 3 - Scandicci - Firenze
P.I. 05625600480