Why we chose ‘Caduceus of Hermes’

The Caduceus of Hermes, the symbol of psychosomatic equilibrium, is the staff or rod of the father of Hermetic medicine: Hermes Trismegistus, Mercury for the Romans.

Men and women live in an infinite space on a physical geographical point on the planet Earth, immersed in a sea of inter-sidereal vibrations. The knowledge of the influence these vibrations have on the human organism is certainly not new; it is the fruit of an intense labour by courageous men such as Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Cardon, Galen, Calligaris, Pende, Luca Gaurico, Arnoldo Villanova and Tommaso Palamidessi.  A science rooted in ancient Chaldea, in ancient Egypt, in the IV and V centuries B.C. in Crotona with Pythagoras, in the Temples of Delphi, etc: it is ‘Cosmo pathology’ or ‘Sidereal Medicine’, which seeks and establishes the scientifically proved relationships between illnesses and planetary positions, that is, the disturbances of a vital electromagnetic balance of every organ, apparatus, nervous system and harmonic secretion, causing physiological alterations.

All this is possible because human beings are composed of electro-chemical elements. These elements can be modified by a bombardment of sidereal radiations, due to the laws of resonance and interdependence. Here is an example: light is a beam of photons influencing and modifying chemical matter; let’s take a photographic film: the photons decompose the silver bromide granules suspended in the gelatine of the film; or think about the electronic microscope which uses electrons as a luminous source. The radiations are absorbed by the tissues, producing chemical modifications which involve the stopping of normal cellular functions, either momentarily or permanently, also causing the destruction of the cells which make up the tissues. Many studies have been done on the magnetic influence that the sun and sunspots have on cardiac tissue, as well as studies on lunar magnetism, which show its influence on the psyche in cases of madness, as well as its influence on the female menstrual cycle.

To conduct a correct cosmo-bio-psychological analysis it is necessary to know both the individual base and annual temperaments (Tommaso Palamidessi-‘La Medicina Siderale e gli influssi siderali’, Ed. Fratelli Bocca, Milan).

These sidereal waves interact through induction in the physical body, that is, by means of energetic mechanisms. The correct state of health is obtained when the exchange of the input and output of the energetic currents occurs harmonically. In our organism the ‘regulator’ of chemical exchanges is the blood, guided by the energetic counterpoint.

Health depends on a balanced energo-chemical cellular exchange; an alteration is caused by the incessant action of sidereal radiations, which act on the positive and negative charges of the energetic bodies, and these on the positive and negative charges of the atoms of our organic matter.

Good health lies in keeping the energetic counterpoint in balance, because it is the first to become unbalanced, due to both an opposite internal or external oscillation.

Georges Lakhovsky, the Russian physicist and biologist, has taught that life is born from radiation, is controlled by radiation, and is eliminated by an oscillating imbalance.
Every living subject emits and receives electromagnetic radiations. According to Lakhovsky: “A cell is schematically composed of a cellular protoplasm surrounded by a cellular membrane. In the protoplasm is immersed the nucleus, composed of a tubular filament liquid conducting container wrapped in a chromatic isolating substance. It can be considered to be a microscopic oscillating circuit with a very short determined wavelength.
From close by, the nucleus recalls the Hertz oscillating circuit as it is a true electrical circuit supplied with self-induction and capacity and therefore prone to oscillate ad resonate with a very high frequency. The induction coil is represented by the continuous spiral of the nuclear filament, the condenser is given by the capacity between the two extremes of the same filament.” Lakhovsky affirms that all living beings are assimilable to very high frequency oscillating circuits because they are composed of cells which are in their turn elementary oscillators, and after having shown the relationship between these and cosmic radiations, determining the conditions of both life and death, he looked to see if his theory worked practically. To this end he thought of using oscillating circuits: these are made up of a spiral of isolated copper wire, to be used by the subject as a bracelet, belt, necklace, etc, so as to isolate the subject from electromagnetic rays. (Taken from ‘The Secret of Life’-‘Cellular Oscillation’)

Everything radiates in the Universe. Nothing stays still in nature, everything vibrates, and everything has its own rate of vibration as the Americans say, that is, its own characteristic radiation, placed in relationship with the oscillations of the electrons, which are it seems the last constituents of the organism. In fact, it is they which incessantly emit their radioactivity. These mysterious waves or radiations are emitted by humans, animals, by vegetables as well as by minerals, by every species and, in fact, by everything. They are given off not only by healthy organisms but also by those which are ill, and as we will see they are different and special for each illness. They depart not only from elements of the macrocosm (cosmic, telluric and atmospheric radiations) but also from the infinitesimal elements of the microcosm, so that specific rays are projected by each cell, each fibre, and by every cell of our body. (Based on ‘Telepatia e radio-onde cerebrali’ by Calligaris).
A triple analysis of the subject is necessary: morphological, biochemical and neuro-psychological; that is, it is necessary to apply the bio-typological method of Pende in order to determine the individual bio-type under the quadruple aspect of morphological constitution, of humoral temperament, of the neuro-psychic character and of type. (From ‘ Terapia medica speciale ‘  by Pende).


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