The nutritional consultancy is carried out with qualified professionals.


Dr Alessandro Cecchini

Electronic Technician Diploma (1997-1998) from l’istituto Tecnico Professionale ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ of Florence.

Graduate in Literature and Philosophy in the field of the Planning and Management of Artistic, Musical and Performing Events from Florence University in 2007-2008.

The collaboration with Dr Cecchini provides concrete help to the Project, his competencies in Ermete S.r.l. are:

-Marketing and publicity management.
-Organization of events (conferences, meetings, advertising).
-Graphics and video editing.
-Technician and supervisor of the electronic and radionic equipment for scientific research.
-Understanding and management of sound systems.
-Knowledge and management of video applications.
-Knowledge and use of wave system revelation equipment.

Piazzale Della Resistenza 3 - Scandicci - Firenze
P.I. 05625600480